So I’ve returned. Left my wonderfully cozy home and came to my slightly less wonderfull but still blessedly cozy second home. Except Im not going home yet.

Me and a friend decided to go crazy and spend a buck or two on a trip. So as we speak, or read…or write, I’m confortably seated on a bus watching the scenary go past through the window with a full bladder and a yet to be popped ear.

Cause that’s the beauty of riding an airplane whilst having the cold of the century. Your ears dont pop back.

I dont know what to think honestly. Everybody was mildly tearful when saying goodbye. Im used to this already but I still tear up when I see my mom following me waving goodbye until she can go no further.

For an adult you think I should have gotten it together by now. And who says I didnt really. I love this place but every comeback is like I’ve resigned to a fate I could not change. My whistful soul is howling.

Im one of those people who is influenced a lot by the weather so this brownish naked landscape with remnants of snow slowly melting away in the afternoon sun fits perfectly with my mood today

But because this post has been serious enough let me tell you that I love being the one blowing their nose on a quiet bus. Or plane. Or car. Or house. Anything really. I never feel as foreign as when I do that. Like suddenly my cover was blown and all eyes are on me, a thousand people curious to see what I’m doing. But thankfully that’s all in my head.

I hope



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